Some of the pictures you see on the ampulets blog are from books I've made over the years, though most of the stuff in the books are not on this blog yet. J and I might try and figure out a way to publish them as e-books...but I think of books as actual objects to hold in the hand, leave around in the living room or toilet, scribble on, fold the edges of the pages - all of which you can't quite do with an e-book.
Pictures of the books, with sample pages coming very soon!

Kidnap News(2004) - *S$15
:: 20cmx29cm
:: fabric covers, sew-bind
:: black/white illustrations and text
:: 30pp
Black and white drawings of Kidnap Bob and the Sad-News man. It's a mystery picture story.

The Adventures of Ah Zheng (A Poor Boy), (2001) - *S$15
:: 20cmx20cm
:: dust cover with woodblock print
:: black/white illustrations and text
:: 120pp
4 illustrated stories about Ah Zheng, a poor boy, and his adventures in the city and on his reflection bench. Hmm, this project has remained my favouritest.
:: Blog post here
:: Sample illustrations (Click for larger view in Flickr)
karaokeyouth spring dreams

慢画 (2000) - *S$6
:: 20cmx29cm
:: traditional string-bind
:: 25pp
Single frame drawings (orig: chinese ink) with chinese text.

Crooked Rooms (2001) - *S$8
:: 29cmx18cm
:: wire/spiral bound
:: 30pp
2 illustrated small stories about a crooked world. Suitable for children!

Purple (2000) - *S$15
:: 15cmx15cm
:: spiral bound, velvet-card covers
:: hand-coloured
:: 30pp
Story about red and blue and purple-haired people. Somewhat a story about being and wanting to be different and the very best. Also suitable for children!

Silverfish New Writing 4, (ed. Robert Raymer. Silverfish Books: Kuala Lumpur, 2004)
I've got 2 short stories "The Majestic Crab" and "Modhi's Crows" in this anthology by Malaysian publishers Silverfish Books. OK, I know I am shameless, but I really do like these 2 stories and think that they are damn funny, really! Of course, all 25 stories in this book are a good read.

The publishers take orders online (R.M.25.00 or ~ S$15.00, plus postage) or you can find it at Kinokuniya the bookstore.

*Est. price is based on entirely on the actual production cost (paper, ink, glue, fabric etc), including a small percentage for our time & sweet labour. J & I are figure out a cheaper way of doing things, and we welcome your recommendations.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ampulets!

Could I please make an order for all these books except the Silverfish Books? My email is thisissiok@gmail.com

I can meet up with you guys to collect the books :) Thanks!

And yes, I enjoy your blog very much! Please keep up the good works!

Cheers, Siok