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What is "ampulets-supplies"?
J & I have always wanted a physical/real place, a gallery of sorts for books, music, art and stuff, and where friends can also hang out. But given real estate cost in Singapore and our patchy business sense, this will remain a daydream for a long while yet. Now, thanks to technology, here's the online version of ampulets∙supplies...

Do you do any corporate or commissioned work?
Yes, we do. On 18 Sept 2006, ampulets' design studio was officially registered and launched.

ampulets focuses on graphic and visual communications design. Our projects to date have included design for print, corporate identities and interactive work for government agencies, educational institutions and companies.

To see our portfolio or to discuss your design needs, simply email info@ampulets.com.
You can also view our portfolio at this website from end-June 2009 onwards.

If I actually see something I like, what should I do?
Some of the items (especially posters & T-shirts) are made only when we receive an order through email or the comment page. So just email us with your request.

Will you mail the order to me?
We will, if you are ok with paying for postage. We are also ok to meet you (if anonymity is not that precious to you) or your designated representative.

Are the supplies "limited" in quantity?
We usually make 10 or less T-shirts in each design/colour. Ditto the posters. As for the greeting cards, they are in batches of 20. We don't deliberately keep the numbers small. We think the current numbers are just right so that we don't end up with stockpiles in our modest studio.

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