More T-shirts?

Don't feel like being naked as you daydream?

(These are earlier designs - virgin Ts. I think we still have stock of the...er, white ones. Click here for our new designs!)

wingsboy-black.jpg wingsgirl-black.jpg

Starry starry wings
:: the story
:: colours: black, white
:: sizes: girl (SS/32) + boy (M/40)
:: Printed on both sides. The print on the back is of the boy lying down, positioned right below the neckline.

lovegirl.jpg lovegirl-close.jpg
loveboy.jpg loveboy-brown.jpg


Down with Love
:: the story
:: colours: brown, white
:: sizes: girl (SS/32) and boy (M/40)
:: Click here for the latest photos of the T-shirts

J has also been brewing more designs over a slow, old-fashioned fire...so check back here later.


robotJ422 said...

what about the angel chicken wings on the back?

ampulets said...

the angel chicken wings on the back are now here, but in this new RGB version. Click "latest t-shirts" on the sidebar to see the mock-up.