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10 Nov 2006

Friends, in the general mood of these long days of yearning for foreign places, daydreaming time and journeys, ampulets-supplies present our second series of greeting cards "To the End of the World and Back". Send them off to friends, family, heck - that girl/boy next door, and see what comes back.

*Cards from the earlier "Those Happy Days" set are still available.

To see, click on the posters & cards link on the right.


a l said...

i love the impersonator t-shirts and would love to buy one (if you have it in a girls' M =)).

orangeclouds said...

I like the impersonator (actly I like all your T-shirt designs) but I still have a soft spot for Down With Love. I'll take that in white (you wouldn't still happen to have brown wdya?) in SSgirls (whatever fits u grrl ampulet wd fit me).

ampulets said...

a l - on. thanks! once there's enough interest, we'll start to print the impersonator ts, and will definitely include your AMgirl. we are more serious now about learning how to do our own silkscreens, so we can make them to order, instead of waiting until we are sure enough folks are interested. It'll be more fun also knowing that your T is fresh off the press ;>

Well...if any of you are willing to give us a tutorial on how to make a silkscreen, let me know? we'll pay in kind with ampulets supplies!

oc - hehe, no more brown. actually we only made 5 brown and 5 white ts for girls down with love the last time, but there's still 1 more white t. Ok to pass to you when you are back in s'pore?

orangeclouds said...

yep let's have a coffee or summink then :)

Anonymous said...

can order?

gwen - yellow chicken wing, u think shoulders ok?

larry - white/blue impersonaters,
got blue color rite, thot i saw?